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sony centre name : Jeff Kay [2019/07/29,21:24:46] No.360 reply
Hello Chris looking forward to seeing you amd the band tomorrow night first date on your North American tour can't wait.

Bryan Ferry Sydney Concert 2019 name : Mark [2019/03/02,09:48:27] No.358 reply
Hi Chris, We saw you last night at the Bryan Ferry Sydney Concert and you blew the roof off the ICC in my opinion. Crisp clean guitar and full of energy. A very stand out performance that very much enhanced the experience.

live name : Jeff Kay [2018/10/27,20:09:41] No.355 reply
I had the pleasure of seeing you with RG your opening tore the lid of the place! I have seen you solo many times in Toronto Canada and I was just wondering if there are any plans to do a solo tour in North America before I wear out my guitar graffiti LP

Reply to 352 name : Kevin C [2018/09/18,23:01:21] No.353 reply
I Think you are right that it is from the Live in Bremen album.
Although the sound is a bit sharper.
The booklet only indicates that it is by Chris Spedding - Other Peoples Music.
No date or venue indicated.
>> Thanks name : toshio [2018/09/19,16:04:37] No.354
Thanks for the information.

Spedding Releases name : Kevin C [2018/09/07,02:18:37] No.349 reply
Thanks for maintaining teh website!
Chris Spedding Upcoming CD:
Nick Mason Remaster:
Also,an alternate version of the soundtrack "Hard Core Logo" includes the track "Wild Wild Women [Live]".
>> Thanks name : toshio [2018/09/11,14:01:39] No.350
Thnak you for letting us know about those.
But I am afraid nobody knows when CS + the Vibrators CD will be out at this moment.
I need to Wild Wild Women live track!
>> Reply to No.350 name : Kevin C [2018/09/18,04:08:34] No.351
Can you accept a 8M file?
>> audio file? name : toshio [2018/09/18,07:50:15] No.352
Are you going to send me the audio file?
Thanks. But I think it's from his live album...
Is there any info on that track in the booklet or somethinG?

バゥ`バリゥ` バッグ コピゥ` name : バゥ`バリゥ` バッグ コピゥ` [2018/08/20,17:41:08] No.348 reply バゥ`バリゥ` バッグ コピゥ` ショルダゥ`ストラップも原奉しておりますので主呈「吋轡腑襯制`スタイルとしても聞喘できます。 スゥ`パゥ` コピゥ` ブランド

シュプリゥ`ム 宥リ name : シュプリゥ`ム 宥リ [2018/05/04,12:58:54] No.347 reply

どんなトップスとも來段蛤のシンプルなシュプリゥ`ム 爾芦チノパンツ仝Chino Pant々ボトムス。トレンドのタイトなサイズ湖で段蛤のシルエットとなっております。 シュプリゥ`ム 宥リ 書豚寄繁壥SUPREME wフ錺D薊`は協桑から書豚らしいパステルカラゥ`までリN源に5弼ご喘吭。デザイン來やシルエット慌に賦し蛍なしの竃栖です。

Music name : George Barron [2017/12/28,12:54:51] No.346 reply
Mr. Spedding, I have always been a big fan of yours from 1965 forward. I cannot sop listen too you with Bryan Ferry and also when you played with the Ventures and dis "Telstar" CLASSIC stuff that cannot be beat.

CARCASSONNE GIG name : bruno RAGA [2017/07/24,21:07:22] No.345 reply
hello Mr Spedding !
What a pleasure to see you last night with Bryan Ferry ..still an ace guitar player good wine or bitter ale ,you're ageing wonderfully ..Hope you enjoyed the show and audience response ..I 'm glad I saw you perform and pleased to have the opportunity of spending a great night ..Back to my records "guitar graffitti" and 2 others CD that I 'm going to re- listen with relish ..Once again thank you for your performance and pleased to see Bryan Ferry is still a marvellous singer with such a great band!!! keep up your good rockin' work !! A southern Frenchy (70 yrs) into pop and rock for a long time...

Piggyback Riders name : Bjorn Sandstrom [2017/04/22,13:41:52] No.343 reply
Thanks for a great evening in Malm.
>> Great video name : toshio [2017/04/22,14:52:03] No.344
Than you very much for what you did for me last night. I can't thank you enough. See you somewhere again.

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