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Piggyback Riders name : Bjorn Sandstrom [2017/04/22,13:41:52] No.343 reply
Thanks for a great evening in Malm.
>> Great video name : toshio [2017/04/22,14:52:03] No.344
Than you very much for what you did for me last night. I can't thank you enough. See you somewhere again.

National Portrait Galkery name : Philip Champion [2017/04/08,05:43:15] No.342 reply
Thanks for tonight.
A real bonus to see you playing.
OK you had to cover off the rhythm but that is probably not the most onerous hassle you've had over your illustrious career.

Good luck

like a hurricane name : pittsburgh guy [2017/04/04,21:26:14] No.341 reply
I appreciated your solo on Like a hurricane in pittsburgh because the rest of the band was tiptoeing around being too polite and you saved it. (the female vocal part of the arrangement is killer too btw) but I wanted you to know that the hardcore NY fans in the house found your part the saving grace.

Killers Of The Deep - Vinyl Pre-Sale name : Sam the Man [2016/12/02,19:14:39] No.340 reply
Hi, sorry to bother but bought my pre-vinyl copy of Sharks Killers Of The Deep direct from 3MS webstore about a month was poorly packaged and parcel was damaged somewhere during shipment resulting broken record and sleeve...3MS kindly promised replacement but it was packaged as poorly as on first time and also this parcel was damaged during shipment resulting sleeve damage and hairlines on vinyl...its a pity because its great album and shame to put them garbage can
Maybe someone should tell 3MS how to pack and send vinyl records to customer properly!!
Meanwhile i'll have to wait official release date and find my copy of your brilliant album from somewhere else...


Sharks/The Presence Ldn name : Wladyslaw Piwowarski [2016/10/10,22:53:22] No.337 reply
Where can you buy The Sharks Car Crash Tapes on vinyl and The Presence Ldn Soul/Rock vinyl ep ? Thanks Wladyslaw.
>> Thanks for your writing. name : toshio [2016/10/11,07:30:48] No.338
It's a pity that Car Crash Tapes vinyl LP
won't be made. Just on CD.
As for the Presence LDN's EP,
it was sold at the venues, at least in Lewes and London.
They will sell one at the gigs if they still have one in stock.
>> Sharks name : Wladyslaw [2016/10/11,21:58:21] No.339
Thanks toshio for the info. Wladyslaw

Happy name : A [2016/06/17,19:45:07] No.336 reply
Happy Birthday, Chris!

Laudate! name : Tom [2016/03/30,17:56:55] No.334 reply
I just hazardly came to listen to your records "Hurt" and "Iエm Not Like Everybody Else" and I am pretty much impressed. Very cool R&R Music and a great guitar playing. Now planning to go Forward with your later recordings, but honestly, I am child of punk rock & new wave music.
Keep on Rockin, Cheers, Tom from Germany

War of the worlds name : Trev [2016/02/14,08:36:51] No.333 reply
Just got back from War of the Worlds and was blown away by orchestra and particularly by your lead guitar work - awesome!! 👍👍👍

Soul/Rock (Live) vinyl 12 inch EP name : Walter [2016/01/23,04:30:07] No.332 reply
Fan of Chris Spedding since The Hurt lp. He is a master of survival in this business. I am looking for copies of this vinyl ep by The Presence LDN. If anyone can help , thanks Walter.

War of the worlds guitar tone name : Darren McLennan [2015/08/05,19:50:07] No.331 reply
Simply the greatest ever single note struck on a guitar was at the 4:10 mark of Dead London.

What was the guitar rig?

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