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This Ain't Holloywood name : Kevin Sheppard [2019/11/17,02:36:44] No.366 reply
Hey Chris, outstanding show last night with Robert and the boys. You guys absolutely killed it. Rock n' roll is alive and well. Send my regards to the band.


hamilton name : Jeff Kay [2019/11/15,00:01:47] No.365 reply
It shaping up to be a good year. Seeing Chris with Bryan Ferry and now tomorrow night in Hamilton, that's twice in one year good stuff. Here's hoping his set includes Frontal Lobotomy that would be so killer

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09/03/2019 name : Merciful Lee Dickens [2019/09/05,00:58:39] No.362 reply
Man, you were killer last night in Seattle with Bryan Ferry. It was such a pleasant surprise to learn you were in the band. You've still got it, brother.

Greek Theater Show name : Mark Heinrichs [2019/08/30,15:25:54] No.361 reply
This was the best I have ever heard Bryan Ferry sound. Well done to you and the band. Thanks,


sony centre name : Jeff Kay [2019/07/29,21:24:46] No.360 reply
Hello Chris looking forward to seeing you amd the band tomorrow night first date on your North American tour can't wait.

Bryan Ferry Sydney Concert 2019 name : Mark [2019/03/02,09:48:27] No.358 reply
Hi Chris, We saw you last night at the Bryan Ferry Sydney Concert and you blew the roof off the ICC in my opinion. Crisp clean guitar and full of energy. A very stand out performance that very much enhanced the experience.

live name : Jeff Kay [2018/10/27,20:09:41] No.355 reply
I had the pleasure of seeing you with RG your opening tore the lid of the place! I have seen you solo many times in Toronto Canada and I was just wondering if there are any plans to do a solo tour in North America before I wear out my guitar graffiti LP

Reply to 352 name : Kevin C [2018/09/18,23:01:21] No.353 reply
I Think you are right that it is from the Live in Bremen album.
Although the sound is a bit sharper.
The booklet only indicates that it is by Chris Spedding - Other Peoples Music.
No date or venue indicated.
>> Thanks name : toshio [2018/09/19,16:04:37] No.354
Thanks for the information.

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