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Claudia R.I.P. name : Chris Spedding [2011/09/27,05:34:46] No.250
Claudia Koeze,
my former partner and songwriting collaborator,
died this morning at Bellevue Hospital, New York,
after a long battle with cancer.

She was a very special person
and we shared a lot of good times together.
I will miss her.

Chris Spedding
>> Claudia name : Joan and Howard [2011/09/29,01:47:33] No.252
My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia and getting to know her further via emails and 'phone calls. She was a lovely and beautiful person.We shall miss her.
We send our symapthy to Chris.
Joan and Howard
>> Claudine name : Geraldine Rubin [2011/10/05,03:37:35] No.258
She was fiercely original, loving and without guile. She wanted to LIVE and only wanted to talk about what we were going to do when she was healthy again. Go hear music...Patti Smith, New Year's Eve, Bowery Ballroom. Go ice skating, what color scarf she would wear. WALK around NYC. In the last month, I kept fearing every conversation might be our last, only to have her shuffle by on her walker, glance at "Super Nanny" and deliver in her best dead pan "In the last episode she kills them all." Her humor remained in tact as long as she was able to speak and probably long after. We miss you, Claudia. We love you and we are with you.
>> So sorry to hear about this... name : Freddie Katz [2011/10/06,15:14:45] No.260
Hi Chris,

Freddie Katz here.

I'm saddened to read this news. I remember Claudia well..we met at the Bottom Line show I did with you, and I've since run into her several times around the city, the subway, etc. She was a nice woman, and I know you'll miss her terribly. My thoughts are with you, now and always.

Much Love,

Freddie Katz
>> C name : Alec [2011/09/30,10:50:13] No.253
Claudia was a rarified jewel.
>> Claudia name : Maria [2011/09/30,12:51:02] No.255
Claudia is an angel.
I can't stop thinking about her and her contagious laugh.
I love her and miss her terribly. Thanks for this tribute Chris.
That is such a beautiful picture. It really captured her essence.
>> Claudia R.I.P. name : Victoria Barlow [2011/10/02,20:35:29] No.257
Dear Chris, Claudia was my "double step sister",
the step daughter of my step father.
She and I met at our step father's memorial service here in NYC in 2001
and were close friends for a year or so.
I thought Claudia was amazingly insightful and tender-hearted.
She spoke lovingly of you. You really were the angel of her life.

She, Mary Ellen (our step sister) and I all had birthdays one
after the other. November, 20, 21 and 22.
We also all three developed cancer.
I'm so sorry that Claudia died so young.

Please accept my condolences.
I'm sorry for your loss. My loving thoughts to you.

May Claudia rest in peace.
>> claudia name : marylou Thompson [2011/10/12,06:45:58] No.263
I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia one time,
I am a very good friend of her wonderful mother Bettye,
who has told so much about you and Claudia.....

Reading these notes to you from friends makes me realize
how special she was to you....

Thank you for coming to visit with my dear friend Bettye too,
Chris, it meant so much to her !
>> Claudia name : Cynthia Koeze [2011/10/12,08:40:11] No.268
Dear Chris,

So sorry for your loss. I am Claudia's cousin.
Though she lived most of her life far from her Koeze relatives,
she will be missed, especially by her cousins who have been sharing
their stories of her with me.
I saw her about a week before she died and
she still managed to share her infectious smile,
quick sense of humor, and even a growl.
>> Sympathies name : Steve Parsons (Snips) [2011/10/11,04:52:00] No.261
Hi Chris, I am sorry to hear of the passing of Claudia,
I hope the good memories get you and those who were close to her
through this sad time.
>> Redbird name : Jon Koeze [2012/01/03,01:47:52] No.283
I too am Claudia's (Redbird was her family nickname) first cousin
and want to express my sympath and empathy to your loss.
Of all my relatives I have always felt she was the one
I could relate to the most.
We never had much time together, due largely to geography,
but when we did we would have fabulosly engaging conversations.
I know we will all miss her dearly.
>> Claudia name : Tom Hays [2021/01/30,05:47:22] No.399
I learned what happened to her a few years after the fact, but wanted to write a note - she is remembered and will always be part of my life and that of many others.

I went to Hampshire with Claudia. She cut my hippy hair into a pretty good Paul Cook. She let me use her Fender Jaguar for some gigs, starting my lifelong love of Fender offsets like the Jazzmaster. She introduced me to fresh carrot juice at some absurd place in the Upper East Side, and introduced or reinforced many, many great musicians. I used to steal guache from the art supply store where I worked to feed her painting habit.

They broke the fucking mold.