Sharks/The Presence Ldn name : Wladyslaw Piwowarski [2016/10/10,22:53:22] No.337
Where can you buy The Sharks Car Crash Tapes on vinyl and The Presence Ldn Soul/Rock vinyl ep ? Thanks Wladyslaw.
>> Thanks for your writing. name : toshio [2016/10/11,07:30:48] No.338
It's a pity that Car Crash Tapes vinyl LP
won't be made. Just on CD.
As for the Presence LDN's EP,
it was sold at the venues, at least in Lewes and London.
They will sell one at the gigs if they still have one in stock.
>> Sharks name : Wladyslaw [2016/10/11,21:58:21] No.339
Thanks toshio for the info. Wladyslaw