Spedding Releases name : Kevin C [2018/09/07,02:18:37] No.349
Thanks for maintaining teh website!
Chris Spedding Upcoming CD:
Nick Mason Remaster:
Also,an alternate version of the soundtrack "Hard Core Logo" includes the track "Wild Wild Women [Live]".
>> Thanks name : toshio [2018/09/11,14:01:39] No.350
Thnak you for letting us know about those.
But I am afraid nobody knows when CS + the Vibrators CD will be out at this moment.
I need to Wild Wild Women live track!
>> Reply to No.350 name : Kevin C [2018/09/18,04:08:34] No.351
Can you accept a 8M file?
>> audio file? name : toshio [2018/09/18,07:50:15] No.352
Are you going to send me the audio file?
Thanks. But I think it's from his live album...
Is there any info on that track in the booklet or somethinG?