Walking with the King name : Egil Christie [2020/02/08,06:56:24] No.377
Dear Mr. Spedding

I have always been a fan of your solid and basic guitar work, and I am very impressed by your collaborations as a session guitarist for as many and very versatile artists as Elton John, Bryan Ferry, Nina Hagen, Joan Armatrading and Carla Bley. I have also heard about your presumed performance as guitarist for Sex Pistols, hidden behind curtains before stage. Furthermore, rumours went, that you were the next possible candidate to replace Mike Taylor after his departure from Rolling Stones.

Nevertheless, my first encounter with your music was Guitar Graffiti, which I happened to enjoy in the company of some Indian and Tibetan enligtened people. They particularly seemed to enjoy the honesty and sincerety of "Waking With The King". Such great lyrics describing a state of mind and position in life where you have transcended ordinary and trivial considerations in life, and just have come back to basics.

I also enjoyed Guitar Jamboree a lot; you were able to depict any great guitarist and imitate their style in the most charachtersitic manner,

Anyway, most of all I respect your very basic and original manner of making music, and for my part this has been a most enlightening and uplifting experience, where music is not just about manner, but rather an attitude and expression about life.

God bless you, Mr. Spedding, I'm always walking With The King.

I do not eapect any answer to this email, just wanted to express my feelings and appreciation.