Peel Sessions name : Kevin [2020/05/23,06:29:46] No.387
Peel Session archives are being posted.
These include 5 Chris Spedding with the Vibrators tracks.
>> Thanks! name : toshio [2020/05/23,07:08:21] No.388
I am wondering when the CD is out...
>> Peel Sessions name : Kevin [2020/05/23,23:48:51] No.389
The John Cale sessions from 1975 are probably with Chris Spedding?
>> Peel Sessions name : Kevin [2020/05/24,03:19:23] No.390
Searched a little and found this:
John Cale Peel Session 08/05/1975
Taking It All Away
Darling I Need You
You Know More Than I Know

Pat Donaldson (Bass)
Chris Thomas (Harpsichord, Backing Vocals)
Chris Spedding (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Timi Donald (Drums, Backing Vocals)
John Cale (Piano, Guitar, Vocals)