1986 -1995

February 20 R.Gordon - Lone Star Cafe
21 R.Gordon - Lone Star Cafe (two shows)

March 4 J.Cale - Lone Star Cafe (two shows)
Spedding played 'Hurt', 'Mary Lou', 'Enemy Within' 'Hey Miss Betty' and 'Shakin' All Over' by himself alone. And sang 'Go West' with John Cale's piano.
This is one of the first gigs of their reunion shows started in the autumn.

October Enemy Within released.

J.Cale and Spedding toured in the States in October and November.
We've always been in touch as friends since I workrf with him ten years ago. I moved to New York, maybe a year or two after he did. He was one of the first persons I call upwhen I got over here, he was one of the first persons I knew when I came to town. So it's really been an ongoing thing, not publicily, but privately.
Finally we decided to play together again. We just went out for a week. John was doing his thing solo, and we did the Lone Star a couple of times, with me just coming in and playing with him, just the two of us. I was playing electric guitar and he was playing acoustic guitar and piano. Really I was doing more or less what I was doing in the old band, but this time without a rhythm section. most of the songs are very kind to guitar solos. He can really rip into these things. So, it's been a lot of fun.
And we decided to go out on tour. It seems to be getting good reactions.

On November 22, Speding played with R.Gordon at U.N. in NYC.

Hollywood Vice Squad released this year.
It must be earlier than Enemy Within.


J.Cale and Spedding tour in the States/Canada
A show at Uptown Theater in Kansas City was bootlegged on video tape.

April J.Cale and Spedding at Lone Star Cafe
They played with a rhythm section, bass and drums. They had some dates in the East Coast with a band.

autumn Producing the Razorbacks in Toronto.
T.Kenny, a leader of the Razorbacks, says,
He was up in Toronto promoting his album and happened to see us in the street. We had already save up enough money to do the album. We were ready to the album and he had done a lot of production himself. Once we got into the studio we realized we had a lot of the same influence and it was a real riot making album. Everytime Chris comes up here he has a riot.
1988 J.Cale and Spedding toured till February.

March 21 Recording with a Japanese band Sheena & the Rokkets in NYC.

Spedding toured with R.Gordon in Europe.
In Italy, they played TV program DOC '88 on March 28 and 29 and aired on March 28, 29, 30 and April 1

April After the R.Gordon tour, Spedding toured with Jerry Harrison in the States, Europe and Australia.
A show in Amsterdam, Holland in May was aired on radio.
This is a poster from a gig in Auckland, New Zealand.
In Australia, Spedding was hired by Marc Callaghan and played guitar solo.

Spedding in the studio with Mike McClintock.

December Started recording Cafe Days at Sound Image Studio in LA.

June 17 Played the Hot Point Festival with Elliott Murphy
This show was issued as E.Murphy's Live Hot Point on New Rose. Also aired on TV in Monte Carlo. You can see Garland Jeffereys joined and sang a few songs contains 'Wild In The Street' backed by Spedding.

October Toured in the U.S./Canada with Jon Paris on bass and Jimmy Daniels on drums
And next month, they went around Europe.

September Cafe Days released
1991 Spedding got a band and toured in Europe.
Keith Lentin on bass and Henry Spinetti on drums backed him.
Gesundheit is from their show in Bremen, which was titled 'Shrimp Head Sauce' before releasing in 1995.

June Just Plug Him In released.

Spedding toured Japan.
David Van Tieghem replaced Spinetti on drums

30 Club Quattro, Shibuya, Japan (two shows.)
July 1 Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan
2 Boomin Hall, Osaka, Japan

December Dick Rivers issued Holly Days In Austin

March R.Gordon went to Japan.
And had seven dates from 14th to 21st.

June 22 Session with a Japanese musician Tomoyasu Hotei in London.
Spedding played two songs.

Spedding plays in front of Les Paul sometime in 1992.
Bill Raley recalls,
Chris Called me one day to tell me that his friend Steve Parsons (Snips) in town and they were going to go to Les Paul at Fat Tuesday's (a jazz club in NYC), did I want to go also? I said yes. And we watched the first half of the show.
Les Paul took a break and talked to the audience for a bit. Then said, 'I understand there is a guitarist in the audience. Is there Chris Spedding here?' Chris was genuinely surprised to be mentioned (he had no idea Les knew or that he was there). He was even more surprised when Les asked him to come up on the stage and was handed his guitar and asked to play something. Les left Chris alone on stage to play. When Chris sat back down I told him how good his performance was and he said 'Thanks' and told me he had been nurvous, asked if it showed (it didn't) and held his hand out .. there was a visible tremor.

Les has a guitar, rhythm guitar and bass. I think that a rhythm guitar player gives me his guitar, means I can play with Les Paul and bass player. But he doesn't. I was nervous. He sits in audience and looked at me.
There was a lot quite funny thing. Les Paul's son is called Les Paul Jnr. He was there and I said him 'I don't have Les Paul. I have a Les Paul Jnr guitar. You are Les Paul Jnr. Will you sign my guitar?' He said 'Oh, my father should sign it.' He doesn't understand my sence of humor.

March The Sharks recorded their new album for two days in London.
Snips recalls,
We've taked about it on and off for a number of years and I have my own facility. A lot of work at my studio, so fanancially it wasn't really a problem. And it was interesting to see if it was possible to have the same kind of thing like to go back in the time 20 years.

May 26 Robert Gordon band landed Tokyo.
And had ten shows from 27th to 5th.

- August
Recording Otis Blackwell tribute album in New York.

Producing Hubert Thiefaine with Philippe Rault in LA

In the autumn, Spedding decided to move to LA and stopped playing with Robert Gordon.


Moved to LA.

April Recording with Marc Almond album.

September Recording with John Cale
It was for a soundtrack album Antartida in New York.

Worked with Jerry Harrison for General Public in September or October.
He played on six tracks

- February
Spent on remixing the old tapes by Teenage Head, Forgotten Rebels, The Ugly and The Mods in Toronto. (Spedding recorded a guitar solo on the Mod's 'The Other Side'.)

And he played 'Surfin' On Herion' with Forgotten Rebels at the Zoo Bar East in Toronto for the Great Hanshin Earthquake Benefit.

August The Sharks released thier 3rd album

Played with Willy DeVille on three tracks, which were put out on two CDs in November 1995

October Flied to France at the end of October for the Dick Rivers shows, and started rehearsal.

November Gesundheit released in France.

14 - 24 Dick Rivers show at Bobino in Paris. (20th is off)
He was backed by Spedding on guitars, Lain Labacci on guitars, Keith Lentin on bass, Henry Spinetti on drums, Slim Batteux on keyboards and Luc Bertin on keyboards.
Dick Rivers says,
It's the first time to do my own show in Paris since 1976.
Chris is an old friend of mine. He played on a lot of my records. He's a great guitarist I respect a lot. I played with most of all the best guitar heroes in the world except Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. And Chris is, I think, the one closest to my style of music.

It's good. I enjoyed it. I can play more lead (than playing with trio). It means I'll have more freedom when I play. The backing is more full.
I like his singing very much. He's got very easy voice to listen to. Patric Coutin, who does producing, is very good to work. And fis fans are very kind to me because I go to first before Dick Rivers show, they don't say 'Get off! We want to see Dick Rivers!'. They listen and approve. I like his fans.

The last two shows were taped and issued on 2-CD set called 'authendick' next year.

December 6 The Sharks reunioned
Steve 'Snips' Parsons on vocals and guitars, Spedding on guitar, Jackie Badger on bass, Blair Cunningham on drums and Nick Judd on keyboards.

The set list is,
1. Wake Me When It's Time To Dance
2. Gone To The Dogs
3. Jimmy Bell
4. Perfect Days
5. Die For Love
6. Sophiscation
7. Blues Rags And Hollers / 8. The First Thing / 9. Cry Like A Baby
10. Can't Stop Thinking About Me / 11. White Man / 12. Music Breakout
13. Snakes And Swallowtails / 14. Blue Shoes

And Busta Jones, former bass player in the Sharks died in Memphis.

Played guitar on a track for Jamaica with Mickie Most in London.

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