Chris Spedding - gig history 1988

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 date  performer  venue
Jan.  13 John Cale The Ballard Firehouse, Seattle, Chicago, USA
Feb.  11 John Cale Avalon Ballroom, Chicago, USA
Mar. 11 Jerry Harrison The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
Mar. 15 Robert Gordon Barrymore's, Ottawa, Canada / RG interview was aired by Soundtrack on Roger TV.
Mar. 16 Jerry Harrison Club Bene, South Amboy, USA
Mar. 18 Jerry Harrison City Gardens, Trenton, USA
Mar. 29 Jerry Harrison The Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY, USA
Mar. 30 Jerry Harrison the Metron, Harrisburg, USA
Apr.  12 Jerry Harrison Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee, USA
Apr.  15 Jerry Harrison the Fillmore, San Francisco, USA
Apr.  18 Jerry Harrison filming for a TV programme : The Late Show in LA, USA
Apr.  21 Jerry Harrison the Metro, Boston, USA
Apr.  22 Jerry Harrison the World, NYC, USA
Apr.  23 Jerry Harrison the World, NYC, USA
Apr.  25 Jerry Harrison Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, USA
Apr.  26 Jerry Harrison Toad's Place, New Haven, USA
Apr.XX Jerry Harrison First Avenue, Minneapolis, USA
May   2 Jerry Harrison Sardine's, Oslo, Norway
May   3 Jerry Harrison Melody Club, Stockholm, Sweden
May   6 Jerry Harrison Capitol, Hannover, Germany
May   9 Jerry Harrison Musensaal, Mannheim, Germany
May 10 Jerry Harrison Munich, Germany
May 11 Jerry Harrison The Montreux Golden Rose Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
May 16 Jerry Harrison La Cigale, Paris, France
May 17 Jerry Harrison Vooruit Concertzaal, Ghent, Belgium
May 18 Jerry Harrison Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 20 Jerry Harrison Town & Country Club, London, UK
July  12 Jerry Harrison Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia
July  21 Jerry Harrison World Expo 88, South Bank, Brisbane, Australia
Sept.16 Robert Gordon early show : Lone Star Cafe, NYC, USA
late show : Lone Star Cafe, NYC, USA
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NIA Robert Gordon aired in March by D.O.C. on Rai 2, Italian TV