Chris Spedding - the journalist

Chris Spedding was music editor for Details magazine from 1985 to 1988.
Chris borrowed the "Blindfold Test" premise from Down Beat's Leonard Feather and applied it to contemporary musicians rather than jazz musicians. Records are played for the subject who is invited to identify the music and the artist. The results are taped and transcribed. More than a knowledge quiz, it works as a novel way to get musicians to talk about their art. Details called his feature 'The Spedding Tapes'.

Marianne FaithfullSeptember 1985
Paul ShafferNovember 1985
John CaleSeptember 1986
Robert GordonNovember 1986
Buster PoindexterDecember 1986
Richard ButlerJanuary/February 1988

Other Details pieces
KEITH ON KEEPING ONApril 1986 Interview with Keith Richards
WEST END GUYSFebruary 1987 Interview with the Pet Shop Boys
CHRIS FINDS A CURESeptember 1987 Interview with Robert Smith of Cure

Chris also contributed to the February 1990 issue of Musician magazine with an article entitled 'Elvis & Dino' revealing the influence Dean Martin had on Elvis Presley.

From the Reader's Letters page of Details:
It was good to see Chris Spedding back in the pages of Details ('Chris Finds a Cure,' September). All the years I marveled at his guitar mastery, I didn't stop to think that his musical prowess and wit might be matched by an intellect, insight and humor that make for such fun reading. Let's have some more!? Pat McDuff NYC.

CS's Tour Diary on RG/CS reunion tour from NOW DIG THIS Issue No.272 November 2005