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Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Chris Spedding has been a mainstay of the British session scene since the late 60s, playing with just about everyone from Nucleus, Jack Bruce, John Cale, Elton John, Mike Batt, to Paul McCartney & The Bay City Rollers (anonymously!).
In 1975 Spedding had a hit record called "Motorbikin'".
In the late 70s he moved to the States and worked with Robert Gordon, Jerry Harrison, Dick Rivers and Johnny Hallyday.
Since 2001, Spedding has been playing live with Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry, The War Of The World and R.Gordon, D.Rivers, Herbie Flowers, Charlotte Glasson among others.
In 2011, put out solo album "Pearls" and formed a legendary band called King Mob with Steve Parsons, Sixteen, Glen Matlock and Martin Chamnbers, but was short-lived unfortunately.
In 2015, he released his 13th original studio album Joyland,
then reunioned Sharks and released an album.
Now Spedding is playing with Bryan Ferry again.

Sharks goes ON and ON

They've already finished recording their 6th album and will have some dates in Sept. and...

Their new single called Kink Mess from the forthcoming album has just been released.
Go to their facebook.

Sharks in production of their documentary entitled ONE LAST THRILL.
You can be in it, get an onscreen credit, pre-order the movie or just wear the Tee shirt with the flies on. ONE LAST THRILL will be a century defining rock documentary in which Sharks will battle time, space and old age to secure a platform for their fine, fine music and deliciously chaotic live performances.

And they've added some enticing rewards... The Storatocaster guitar which was used in the film... was sold out! I missed that...
Aren't you interested in The ultimate live collection on double CD? This limited CD offers their last gig at Marquee in 1974, BBC live in 1973 with Andy Fraser, Spedding/Snips quite rare live in 1981 and Snips' Video King (re-mastered)!!!

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They need your support to finish it!
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And follow One Last Thrill – THE FILM on facebook.

Sharks Facebook
You should check it out everyday!

Sharks website by 3Ms Music.
You can get the latest CD here.

      WHAT'S NEW ?
Marian Segal & Jade anthology CD (Sept 19)
   Spedding is on two track recorded in 1975 with Jeff Wayne was out last month.
   One is an unreleased track. Please click here for the details.
Bryan Ferry ay Hollywood Bowl (Sept 18)
Sharks gig in Bedford cancelled (Aug 30)
   A am very sorry. The replacement gig is changed to a private function.

tour with  Bryan Ferry

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