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Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Chris Spedding has been a mainstay of the British session scene since the late 60s, playing with just about everyone from Nucleus, Jack Bruce, John Cale, Elton John, Mike Batt, to Paul McCartney & The Bay City Rollers (anonymously!).
In 1975 Spedding had a hit record called "Motorbikin'".
In the late 70s he moved to the States and worked with Robert Gordon, Jerry Harrison, Dick Rivers and Johnny Hallyday.
Since 2001, Spedding has been playing live with Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry, The War Of The World and R.Gordon / D.Rivers, Herbie Flowers, Charlotte Glasson among others.
In 2011, put out solo album "Pearls" and formed a legendary band called King Mob with Steve Parsons, Sixteen, Glen Matlock and Martin Chamnbers, but was short-lived unfortunately.
In 2015, he released his 13th original studio album "Joyland". On 29th June 2018, he had the 50th Anniversary Concert in London and this show came out.
Still he is playing with Bryan Ferry, Robert Gordon and The War Of The Worlds.

Chris Spedding's latest album
Face to Face is available here.

Chris Spedding Trio
at Peppermint Lounge 1981

 His first solo live DVD will be
 out in November.

 Reluctant Guitar Hero
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      WHAT'S NEW ?
why now ???
'cause I'm lazy...
  Angel III soundtrack album (17th Sept.)
    It was released in 2013 in the US.
    I recently knew it. I was lucky enough to get one, but I can't hear great guitar sound!
  Bryan Ferry 2013 Tour 8GB wooden USB stick (14th Sept.)
    Have you got this Bryan Ferry rarity? It was sold on his 2013 tour and on his official website.
    I recently knew it. I was lucky enough to get one, but a lot of songs in it were broken...
  Johnny Stage's new song with Spedding In the Name of Apollo (13th Sept.)
    JS released this song in June. It is available on
     Spotify, iTunes and YouTube

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