Ace Hansel Jr

Songs From Croix-Noire

vinyl albumCD album
UK) Madhouse Rag
UK) Madhouse Rag
    / MHRCD0001

released on 29th July 2022

track listing
Intro to a Whole New DayGet Ratface
A Whole New DayThe Moon Over Muscat
Rainbow MazeCroix-Noire (Theme)
Hot Dog WineThe Runaway
Bury Me in TahitiYou Set Me on Fire
Loneliness PotionPsychiatrist And Client

Ace Hansel Jr :vocals
Mike Batt :keyboards
Chris Spedding :guitars
John Paricelli :guitars
Hayley Batt :bass
Ralph Saimins :drums
Luke Batt :guitars / keyboards
Florence Rawlings :vocals
Paula Masterton :vocals
    produced by :

Mike Batt