Bryan Ferry
vocals / keyboard / harmonica
solo / Roxy Music
birth : 26th Sept. 1945 / Washington, Tyne-Wear, England
residence :

solo with Spedding original albums
Let's Stick Together
In Your Mind
Royal Albert Hall 2020

2013 USB Stck

various artists
Chimes of Freedom

BBC Transcription
radio / Top of the Pops-607
radio / Top of the Pops-615
radio / Top of the Pops-641

The Bete Noire Tour (2008 version)
Dylanesque Live
Live in Lyon

- audio -
Live in Your Mind (Amsterdam & Gothenburg in Mar. 1977)
Songs from the Soul of My Suit (Sydney in May 1977)
All Night Operator (NYC 1977)
The Price of Love (NYC 1977)
Live USA (NYC 1977)
Bottom Line 1977 (NYC 1977)
The Sting of El Ferranti / Tokyo 1977 (Tokyo 1977)
FRANTIC in Edinburgh (Edinburgh in June 2002)
Belfast Castle (Belfast in June 2002)
Impossible True Love (Amsterdam in Sept. 2002)
Leicester 2002 (Leicester in Oct. 2002)
My Love (Northampton in Mar. 2003)
Royal Albert Hall 2007 (London in Mar. 2007)
Gates of Eden (Cardiff in Mar. 2007)
The Final Olympia (London in Dec. 2011)
Live in Japan 2019 Complete

- video -
NHK Studio, Tokyo Japan / 9th June 1977
AVO Session, Basel / 10th Nov. 2003
LSO St.Luke's, London / 6th Feb. 2007

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Bryan Ferry Channel on YouTube