Bob Holman
In With The Out Crowd

vinyl albumCD album
US) Mouth Almighty
    / 314 558 006-2

released in 1998

track listing      (*) penned by Holman/Spedding
We Are The DinosaurCowboy Heaven
We Are the DinosaurPoetry by Number
For Jorge Brandon (*)Levitatin' in Levittown (*)
The Death of Poetry (*)I'd Rather Be Crazy Than Stupid
Impossible RapThat's Why (*)
Fire: Friend or Foe?Storyline
Later for Now (*)Perfect Harmony
Forgotten MelodyAfter Li Po

Bob Holman :vocals / samples
Chris Spedding :guitars / bass
Wayne Kramer :guitars / bass
Bob Neuwirth :guitars / banjo
Tim Gennert :bass
Brock Avery :drums
    produced by :Hal Willner

recording data
at the Village, Santa Monica and at Beyond Baroque, Venice, USA