John Schroeder
compose / songwriter
/ music producer
City of Westminster String Band
/ Sounds Orchestral
19th Jan. 1935 - 31st Jan. 2017

      sessions with Spedding
solo album Dylan Variations
Love Variations
Piano Variations
Party Dance Variations
TV Variations
Gangster Movie Variations

non-LP single One Way Glass

as a producer Chris Spedding might have done the following sessions.
Portrait - Tokaido Lines/Cuddle Me Closer
Portrait - Hey Ruth/Hello Domino
Bare Foot - Frightened/Girl Are You a Woman Now
Kes Wyndham - Honey Call Me Home/Broken Bicycle
Paul Moriarty - Go Placidly/Softly
Chris Kelly - Red Bird/Sweet Albuquerque
Chris Kelly - House Of Cards/San Diego
Salena Jones - When You Get Right Down To It/I'll Be Waiting Here
Love Affair - Let Me Dance /Love's Looking Out at You
Jackie Challenor - Uptown Down/Sixteen Summers
Clinton Ford - Turn the Good Times On/The Pockets of One Little Boy
Jefferson - The Last Bus Home Baby/You've Got Everything

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