Katie Melua
  Call Off the Search

vinyl albumCD album
UK) Dramatico
    / DRAMCD0002

released on 3rd Nov. 2003

track listing
Call Off the SearchBelfast
Crawling Up a HillI Think It's Going to Rain Today
The Closest Things to CrazyMockingbird Song
My Aphrodisiac Is YouTiger in the Night
Learnin' the BluesFaraway Voice
Blame It on The MoonLilac Wine

Katie Melua :vocals / guitars
Chris Spedding :guitars
Jim Cregan :guitars
Tim Harries :bass
Henry Spinetti :drums
Mike Batt :keyboards
    produced by :Mike Batt


The Closest Things to Crazy / Faraway Voice
/ I Think It's Going to Rain Today
    UK) Dramatico / DRAMCDS0003
      released in Nov. 2003

The Closest Things to Crazy / Downstairs to the Sun Thank You, Stars / The Closest Thing to Crazy (video)
    UK) Dramatico / DRAMCDS0003
      released on 1st Dec. 2003

Call Off the Search
/ The Shirt of a Ghost / Deep Purple
    UK) Dramatico / DRAMCDS0004
      released on 15th Mar. 2004

Call Off the Search / Turn to Tell
    UK) Dramatico / DRAMCDS0005
      released on 15th Mar. 2004

Crawling Up a Hill / Crawling Up a Hill (live version)
Jack's Room / Crawling Up a Hill (video)
    UK) Dramatico / DRAMCDS0007
      released on 19th July 2004