King Mob
super rock band
Stephen W. Parsons - vocals / guitars
Chris Spedding - guitars
Sixteen - guitars
Glen Matlock - bass
Martin Chambers - drums
Oct. 2011 - 2013

album Force 9

gig at 229 The Venue, London on 17th Nov. 2011
at O2 Academy Islington, London on 28th Mar. 2012

This isn't about the 1960s. It's not about a nostalgia trip.
Nor is it about reputations, Oh no, This is about something far more relevant
and far more enticing. Because what
King Mob represent is the vital, timeless,
immeasurable spirit of rock'n'roll.
It's about hearing music that inspires you. It's about listening to songs that
make a difference. It's about... oh, it's all about living in the modern world
but connecting to the unpredictability and wildness of youth, while taking
on board the essential edge you get when you decide not to grow old gracefully.

So, who are King Mob ?
Well, you will know most of the names from their past deeds. So, here we go.

Firstly, there's Chris Spedding. He's a guitarist who has worked with
some of the biggest names around. Spedding's career goes back over 40 years,
during which time he's carved out a path that has taken in Harry Nilsson, Sharks,
John Cale, Roxy Music, Elton John, Paul McCartney. He was a crucial part of
the iconic Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds album.
He had a hit single in 1975 with Motorbikin' and has had a distinguished solo career.
Spedding is, and remains, one of the finest guitarists of the past four decades.
Oh yes, and he produced the first Sex Pistols demos. Which brings us to...

On bass there's Glen Matlock. He initially made his name as an original member
of the Pistols, co-writing most of the songs on the Never Mind The Bollocks album.
Matlock went on to form cult heroes The Rich Kids, alongside the likes of Midge Ure,
and became hugely respected as a fine musician. Since then, Matlock has been part of
the reunited Pistols, played with Iggy Pop and joined the reactivated Faces
(one of his favourite bands) and even did one show with Primal Scream,
standing in for Mani. Yep, the chap's in demand.

The man on drums is Martin Chambers. Most known for his work with
The Pretenders, whom he joined in 1978. He left in the mid-1980s, but returned
in 1994 and has been there ever since. Chambers also worked with
Mott The Hoople keyboard player Verden Allen, and was behind the kit
for the Mott The Hoople reunion shows in October 2009.
Unquestionably, one of the finest rhythm players of his generation.

The vocalist is Stephen W. Parsons, AKA Snips. He was a member of Sharks,
the band formed by bassist Andy Fraser after he left Free in 1972.
On guitar was one Chris Spedding, by the way. Then followed a spell with
The Baker Gurvitz Army, He then put out two albums under the name of Snips
in 1978 (Video King) and the highly claimed La Rocca! (1981).
Since then, SWP has been heavily involved in composing music for films and TV.
His credits include The Piano Player, 9 1/2 Weeks 2 and Charlie.
He is regarded as one of the most creative in this field.

By contrast, the other lead guitarist is an unknown. Called Sixteen,
his dexterity and diversity on the album, allied to a beautifully intuitive appreciation
on how to use space to accentuate the moment, will make him one of
the big guitar names for the coming years.

But this isn't about individual talents. As The Mob show on their debut album,
Force 9, the collective prowess and power is undeniable. They prowl through
a selection of original songs that sound like old friends, but really are new party
companions. This is a band for the present and the future.

King Mob record music to suit all moods, and do it in a style that makes it
all sound so fresh and irresistible. They are having fun, which means everyone else
will, too. This is the spirit of 1969 given a contemporary buff and polish.
It's about moving. It's about standing out, yet being part of the crowd.
It's about sensuality. It's about... oh hell, it's about what rock'n'roll should be!
Their debut album
FORCE 9 produced by SWP was released on 31 October 2011
on 11 track CD and 180g Vinyl LP with gatefold sleeve, 7 tracks.

The album shows a band at the height of their powers. From the sharp riffing of
the first single Selene Selene to the truly infectious VA VA VOOM, from the gentle
groove of Chapel Of Love to the blast of album opener Lover Of High Renown,
this is an album that draws on the collective experience of all members to create
something completely unique. The band draw on the Spirit of '69?
but not in a retrospective way? they are bringing the raw power and spirit of
that golden age of music into a contemporary setting - from the songwriting,
to the playing, to the sound of the records, to the live show, to the spirit of the act.
The album was recorded in four day...