Les Hommes Sauvages
the Berlin-based band
Viola Limpet - vocals
Kristof Hahn - guitars / vocals

     sessions with Spedding
album Playtime
Vive La Trance

message from Kristof Hahn
If I remember right the sessions took place in 2000 when Chris was in Berlin for a three night gig at Berlin's Trompete Club. It took us some time to finish and release the album, that's why it only just came out. He plays on "Regenland" and "Long Long Line" but he also recorded a Lee Hazelwood-Song called "Your Thunder and Your Lightning" with us, which we plan to release as a single in the near future - I would have loved him to play on that one, too, but the time was just too short to record more.

Recording with Chris was a great pleasure for me because he has been and still is my favourite guitar player in the world. I liked him from the first note that I ever heard him play - it was "get out my pagoda" that I heard in a club sometime in the late seventies in Munich and I went to the dj and asked him who this was - and since that he hasn't played a single note that I didn't like.

written for chrisspedding.com in Feb. 2005