Mike Batt
The Hunting of the Snark
vinyl albumCD album
UK) Adventure
    / SNARK1
UK) Adventure
    / MODEM 1007
UK) First Night
    / CAST CD24
G) Epic
    / EPC 480613 2
released in 1986

track listing
IntroductionThe Pig Must Die
Children of the SkyThe Beaver's Lession
The Bellman's SpeechA Delicate Combination
The EscapadeAs long As the Moon Can Shine
Midnight SmokeDancing Towards Disaster
The Snooker SongThe Vanishing

Mike Batt :vocals / keyboards
Roger Daltrey :vocals
Art Garfunkel :vocals
Julian Lennon :vocals
Cliff Richard :vocals
Chris Spedding :guitars
Alan Parker :guitars
Mitch Dalton :guitars
Ray Russell :guitars
Frank McDonald :bass
Tom Nicholl :drums
Ray Cooper :percussion
Mel Collins :sax
    produced by :Mike Batt


Children of the Sky / The Beaver's Lesson
    UK) Adventure / ARK 1
      released in 1986

Midnight Smoke / The Vanishing
    UK) Adventure / VAD 1
      released in 1986

The Snooker Song
  / Midnight Smoke (instrumenal)
    UK) Adventure / HS 1
      released in 1986