Mike Batt

vinyl albumCD album
UK) Epic
    / EPC 82001
Austria) Epic
    / 460208 2

released in July 1977

track listing
The Ride to AgadirThe Fires of Rabat
Berber's PrayerIt Seemed Like a Good Idea...
The Walls of the WorldBourree
Insh'allahRailway Hotel
Voices in the Dark
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Mike Batt :vocals / keyboards / clavinet
Chris Spedding :guitars
Alan Parker :guitars
Roger McKew :guitars
Les Thacher :guitars
B.J.Cole :slide guitars
Rick Kemp :bass
Clem Cattini :drums
Terry Cox :drums
Kenny Jones :drums
Ray Cooper :percussion
    produced by :Mike Batt

recording data
at Wessex Studios


The Wall of the World / Berber's Prayer
    UK) Epic / S EPC 5356
    It) Epic / EPC 5356
      released on 17th June 1977

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
/ Sinking Like a Stone (non-LP track)
    UK) Epic / S EPC 5662
      released on 16th Sept. 1977

Railway Hotel / The Fires of Rabat
    UK) Epic / S EPC 5781
      released on 21st Oct. 1977

The Ride to Agadir / The Wall of the World
    WG) Epic / EPC 6207
      released in 1977

Railway Hotel
/ It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
    WG) Epic / EPC 6815
      released in 1977