Mike Batt
      Tarot Suite

vinyl albumCD album
UK) Epic
    / EPC 86099
Austria) Epic
    / 450092 2

released in 1979

track listing
IntroductionLosing Your Way in the Rain
PlainsongThe Night of the Dead
Lady of the DawnThe Dead of the Night
The Valley of SwordsRun Like the Wind

Mike Batt :vocals / keyboards / clavinet
Roger Chapman :vocals
Colin Blunstone :vocals
Chris Spedding :guitars
Alan Parker :guitars
Jim Cregan :guitars
Tony McPhee :guitars
B.J.Cole :guitars
Rory Gallagher :guitars
Rick Kemp :bass
Clem Cattini :drums
Terry Cox :drums
Kenny Jones :drums
Ray Cooper :percussion
    produced by :Mike Batt


Run Like the Wind / Plainsong
    UK) Epic / S EPC 7725
      released on 3rd Aug. 1979

Lady of the Dawn / The Dead of the Night
    UK) Epic / S EPC 7962
    WG) Epic / EPC S 7962
      released in Oct. 1979

Losing Your Way in the Rain
/ The Night of the Dead
    UK) Epic / S EPC 8155
      released on 29th Feb. 1980

Imbecile / The Night of the Dead
    Australia) Epic / ES 469
      released in 1979