Jimmy Horowitz
  producer / arranger
      / songwriter / keyboards
birth : 1945 / Liverpool, UK
residence : Austin, USA

      sessions with Spedding
albums Lesley Duncan - Sing Children Sing
Lesley Duncan - Earth Mother
Lesley Duncan - Moon Bathing
Lesley Duncan - Maybe It's Lost
Linda Lewis - Say No More

other resords
JH produced.
But CS is not confirmed
J.Horowitz - Dick Deadeye (1975 GM LP) / CS is not on
Chris Neil - My Town (1975 / Polydor 45)
John Baldry - This Boy's in Love Again (1976 GM 45)
J.Baldry & Lisa Strike - She (1974 GM 45) / CS is not on
Joyce Everson & L.Duncan - To Be a Pilgrim (1974 GM 45)
        / CS is not on
Atlantic Crossing Drum and Pipe Band
         - Skye Boat Song (1976 RIVA 45) / CS is not on

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message from Jimmy Horowitz
When I first met Chris in the seventies, he was doing sessions in London, and I was very impressed with both his technique and his wonderful emotional feel for the music. I wanted to use him on Lesley Duncan's recordings in 1972. However, when she met him, she mistook his shyness for aloofness and moodiness, and was reluctant to have him continue.

However, I encouraged her to let him continue, and, as she got to know him better, she became very fond of him. Of course, I was delighted, as I knew that his playing would bring a greater "edge" or "urgency to Lesley's work, without detracting from it's essential gentleness and sensitivity. He had, at that time, a wonderful lyric quality in his solos which few other guitarists seem to have. This, I believe is a quality of greatness, and which is why players like Eric clapton and Stevie Ray Vaugn became so greatly loved.
As Quincy Jones said recently in an interview on television, there are three main elements in music: melody, harmony and rhythm. But the greatest of these is melody, as it comes directly from God.

I have a funny story about Chris:
In 1975 (or so) after one of the recording sessions in London with Lesley Duncan, Chris took me to a club called the 100 club in Oxford Street to see a band called "The Sex Pistols" which he said would be the next big thing. "They'll never happen" I said when I saw them. Shows you how much I knew! (hah hah). .

1st Jan. 2002