produced by Mike Leander

He hired Chris Spedding and produced Mike d'abo.
He also produced the 45s below. But CS is not confirmed. Just sounds like Chris Spedding sound & style on some of them.

artist/group A-side B-side year label cat #
Kansas Hook Echo Park Manhattan Woman 1970 UK UNI 45 UNS 515
Chris Simmons Wild World Love As High As a Mountain 1970 UK MCA 45 MK 5051
Todd Miller I Won't Be Sorry to See... Our Love Will Last Forever 1972 UK Bell 45 1240
George Howe Maxswell's Silver Hammer Spain 1969 UK MCA 45 MK 5007 CS is not on
Paul Raven Stand Soul Thing 1970 UK MCA 45 MKS 5053 CS is not on
David McWilliams This Side of Heaven Mr.Satisfied 1968 UK M.Minor 45 MM 561 CS is not on
Suzan Short The Puppy Song Tout Le Monde 1969 UK MCA 45 MU 1078 CS is not on
Montanas Let's Get a Little Sentimental Hey Diddle Diddle 1970 UK MCA 45 MK 5036 CS is not on
Ed Evanko Let Her Go Face of a Clown 1970 UK MCA 45 MK 5041 CS is not on
Tait Gallery Out of the Crowd Baby I'm Falling in Love 1970 UK MCA 45 MK 5044 CS is not on
White Mule In the Summertime Hundred Franc Blues 1970 Fr UNI 45 6073 009 CS is not on