produced by Mickie Most

He hired Chris Spedding and produced Donovan, Cozy Powell, Tam White, Arrows, the Vibrators and Jamaica.
He also produced the 45s below. CS is not confirmed. Just sounds like Chris Spedding sound & style on some of them.

artist/group A-side B-side year label cat #
New World Rooftop Singing Lady Sunshine 1973 UK RAK 45 148
Toby So Good We Just Wanna Dance 1976 UK RAK 45 229
Cozy Powell The Man in Black After Dark 1974 UK RAK 45 173 CS is not on
C.C.S. The Band Played the Boogie Hang It on Me 1973 UK RAK 45 154 CS is not on
C.C.S. Hurricane Coming Dragster 1974 UK RAK 45 172 CS is not on
Flint A Real Fine State of Mind Country Summer Days 1978 UK RAK 45 275 CS is not on.
Racey Lay Your Love on Me I Believed You 1978 UK RAK 45 284 CS is not on

    Spedding says;
Mickie is a very underrated producer because he's mostly known for his pop stuff, but of course he has a hell of a pedigree going back to the Animals in the early 1960's. And he did a good albums with Jeff Beck, 'Truth' and 'Beck Ola' among other things, and he has a quick mind technically and musically, even though he's not really a trained musician, he has a very fast ear. And he'd get it, and he knows what you're talking about. He's pretty impressive to work with.

The first time I worked with him was on Donovan's 'Cosimic Wheels' album. As usual I was always coming up with lots of ideas and Mickie told me, 'Shut up, Spedding, this is a Donovan album, not a Spedding album!'
He was right, of course. The record had to showcase the artiste and no one else.
To illustrate what a great producer he was and how he would always find a way to recognize and not waste talent, a few days after the 'Shut up!' incident he said to me 'Chris, I notice you have a lot of good ideas, and I want you to write some string arrangement for the album.' I had never been asked by a producer to write string arrangement before and although they turned out good, I have never been asked since. But Mickie knew how to best utilise the talent at his disposal for the project in hand.