Teen Idols
    1998 Tour

vinyl albumCD album
US) no number

released in autumn in 1998

track listing
D.Jones & P.Noone - Today's the Day
B.Sherman - Little Woman
D.Jones - Valerie
P.Noone - I'm Into Something Good
P.Noone - Mrs.Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter
B.Sherman - Julie Do Ya Love Me?
D.Jones - Girl
D.Jones - I'll Love You Forever
P.Noone - Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
B.Sherman - Seattle
B.Sherman - Cried Like a Baby
P.Noone - I'm Henry the VIII
D.Jones - It's Not Too Late
D.Jones- Daydream Believer
B.Sherman - Easy Come Easy Go
P.Noone - There's a Kind of Hush

Peter Noone :vocals
Davy Jones :vocals
Davy Jones :vocals
Chris Spedding :guitars / bass
Calvin Hayes :drums
    produced by :C.Spedding and Calvin Hayes

Spedding recording data
in May 1998