Richard Barnes
(not confirmed)
  Richard Barnes
vinyl albumCD album
UK) Philips
    / 6308 027
US) Capitol
    / ST-815
    / RETRO 815
released in 1970

track listing
Take to the MountaiIt's Gettin' Better
Maria ElenaBut It's Now I Need Your Love
Take My Hand for a WhileMamma
The Way I FeelHigh Flying Electric Bird
Your SongHomeward Bound
Tomorrow Never ComesGo North

Richard Barnes :vocals
Chris Spedding :guitars
    produced by :Gerry Bron


Go North / So Will I
    UK) Philis / 6006 039
      released in 1970

Take to the Mountains
/ But It's Now I Need Your Love
    UK) Philips / BF 1840
      released in 1970