Phil Manzanera
solo / Roxy Music / producer
birth : Jan.31 1951 / London, England
about Chris Spedding

with Spedding Bryan Ferry's original albums
Let's Stick Together
In Your Mind

Bryan Ferry's bootleg LP/CD
Songs From My Soul Of My Suit
Live USA
The Price Of Love
The Sting Of El Ferranti
All Night Operator

bootlegged tapes

Roxy Music 2001
Live At The Apollo (DVD)

bootlegged tapes


all the Roxy Music albums
solos - Diamond Head, K-Scope, Primitive Guitars, VOZERO ...
801 - 801 Live, Listen Now, Live at Hull University, Latino
The Explorers - same, 2nd Album
Manzanera & Mackay - Crack The Whip, Up In Smoke, same ...
Quiet Sun - Mainstream

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Roxy Music session list