Sex Pistols


vinyl albumCD album
    / 072 591-2

released on 24th Sept. 2021

track listing
disc onedisc three
Chris Spedding Session, 1976alternative/rough mixes, demos, outtakes
ProblemsAnarchy in the UK
Pretty VacantDid You No Wrong
No Feelings (Take 1)Seventeen
No Feelings (Take 2)Satellite
No Feelings (Take 3)Submission
D.Goodman Decibel Studio 1976Holidays in the Sun
SatelliteHolidays in the Sun
I Wanna Be MeBody
Pretty VacantSubmission
Anarchy in the UKE.M.I.
No FeelingsGod Save the Queen
D.Goodman Wessex Studio 1976Bodies
Anarchy in the UKE.M.I.
(Don't Give Me) No LipSubmission
(I'm Not Your) Stepping StoneE.M.I.
Johnny B GoodeSeventeen
Road RunnerNo Feelings
Watcha Gonna Do About It?Submission
Through My EyesBelsen Was a Gas
No FunBelsen Was a Gas

disc twodisc four
M.Thorne Manchester Square 1976Spunk (Bootleg) Bonus Disc
Anarchy in the UKSeventeen
No FutureSatellite
ProblemsJust Me
God Save the QueenSubmission
Pretty VacantNookie
No FeelingsNo Future
D.Goodman Eden Studio 1977Problems
New YorkLots of Fun
Unlimited EditionLiar
LiarWho Was It
Pretty VacantLooking for a Kiss
ProblemsAnarchy in the U.K.
No FuturePretty Vacant
God Save the QueenNo Fun
D.Goodman Riverside Studio 1977
Pretty Vacant
No Feelings
I Wanna Be Me
Anarchy in the UK

John Lydon :vocals
Steve Jones :guitars
Glen Matlock :bass
Sid Vicious :bass
Paul Cook :drums
    produced by :Chris Spedding

Spedding recording data
at Majestic Studios in May 1976

Never Mind the Bollocks
            / Spunk

vinyl albumCD album
UK) Virgin
    / SPUNK 1
released in June 1996

track listing
disc 1 / Bollocks disc 2 / Spunk
Holiday in the SunSeventeen
No FeelingsFeelings
LiarJust Me
God Save the QueenSubmission
SeventeenNo Future
Anarchy in the UKProblems
SubmissionLots of Fun
Pretty VacantLiar
New YorkWho Was It?
EMINew York
No Feelings
Pretty Vacant
No Feelings
Anarchy in the UK

This 2-CD set has three tracks produced by Chris Spedding.

Spedding says;
They are not the same mixes that I did.
Dave Goodman, the other producer besides Chris Thomas,
went in and re-did them and added a lot of echo to them
and added stuff to them.
So they'd been marketed as the Spedding tapes,
but they are not really my mixes. The mixes I did sound better.

I'm quite proud of the Sex Pistols demos,
especially when compared to their other later recordings.
On my demos you can hear everything quite clearly
- the bass and drums are really audible plus you can actually
hear what the rhythm and lead guitars are doing.
Part of why they (McLaren and the Pistols) didn't like my demo
was that because I like R&B, I highlighted their rhythm tracks
with a big bass drum and bass aloud, particularly
because Matlock had some intensely played bass runs.
They wanted a guitar soup. I think that whenever you've got
an interesting rhythm section like that,
a band sounds like they can actually play,
and since that was the whole point of my demo
- to prove they could play - that's what I pushed.
When you have a guitar soup, which is what the demo
they recorded later sounds like, you have to face the fact
that someone's trying to cover up the fact that they can't play.
And that's what McLaren wanted people to think that
they couldn't play, that was just an idea,
a way of making all this anarchy stuff happen.

The only overdubs are the two guitar solos
(of course, by Steve Jones).
The reason the first note is so long on the 'Problem' solo
is that (I was watching his face when he played it)
Steve Jones was so surprised at the sound and sustain
he got out of my amp that he almost forgot to play!

att : Problem on this CD is edited from the original demo track.

and we don't care
     - bootleg 45" -
Problem / No Feelings / Pretty Vacant
  released in 1980