The Wombles
        You're A Womble
vinyl albumCD album
    / 80191
US) Columbia
release year : 1974

track listing
Remember You're A WombleWellington Goes To Waterloo
Minuetto AllegrettoThe Return Of Cousin Yellowstone
Non-Stop Wombling Summer PartyThe Womble Square Dance
Wombling In The RainWimbledon Sunset
Womble Burrow BoogieBanana Rock

Mike Batt :vocals / keyboard
Chris Spedding :guitars
Les Hurdle :bass
Clem Cattini :drums
Ray Cooper :percussion
Rex Morris :sax
Eddie Mordue :sax
Lack Rothstein :violin
produced by :Mike Batt

recording data
at Wessex Studios


Remember You're A Womble / Bungo's Birthday
    UK) CBS / 2241
      release date : Mar.29 1974

Banana Rock / The Womble Square Dance
    UK) CBS / 2465
      release month : June 1974

Minuetto Allegretto / Womble Burrow Boogie
    UK) CBS / 2710
      release month : Oct.1974

Wombling Summer Party / Wimbledon Sunset
    US) Columbia / 3-10013
      release month : Sept.1974

Remember You're A Womble / Wellington Womble
    US) Columbia / 3-10033
      release year : 1974

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