The Wombles
Keep On Wombling

vinyl albumCD album
    / 80526

release month : Dec.1974

track listing
Womble Of The UniverseThe Wombling Twist
The Orinico KidTobermory's Music Machine
The Jungle Is JumpingWipe Those Womble Tears From Your Eyes
Underground OvertureInvitation To The Ping-Pong Ball
Hall Of The Mountain WombleWombling Merry Christmas
Look Out For The Giant

Mike Batt :vocals / keyboard
Chris Spedding :guitars
Les Hurdle :bass
Clem Cattini :drums
Ray Cooper :percussion
Rex Morris :sax
Eddie Mordue :sax
Lack Rothstein :violin
produced by :Mike Batt

recording data
at Wessex Studios


Wombling Merry Christmas / Madame Cholet
    UK) CBS / 2842
      release month : Nov.1974

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