Chris Spedding


vinyl albumCD album
    / SRAK 529
G) / Repertoire
    REP 4860

original release : Sept.1977

       track listing
Wild In The Street Get Outa My Pagoda 
Silver Bullet Hurt By Love 
Lone Rider 
Woman Trouble   CD bonus track
Ain't Superstitious Pogo Dancing 
Wild Wild Women The Pose 
Road Runner Gunfight 
Stay Dumb Evil 

Chris Spedding :vocals / guitars / bass
Herbie Flowers :bass
Clem Cattini :drums
Ray Cooper :percussion

Jack Emblow :musette (on track 4)
Chrissie Hynde :backin vocals (on track 1, 3 & 10)
John Carter :backin vocals
Neil Lancaster :backin vocals
Chas Mills :backin vocals
Sue and Sunny :backin vocals

produced by :Chris Thomas

recording data
at Air Studios in London in 1976/1977


Get Outa My Pagoda / Hey Miss Betty
    UK) RAK / RAK 261
      release : Sept.1977

Silver Bullet / Wild Wild Women
    UK) RAK / RAK 268
      release : Jan.1978

Road Runner / Lone Rider
    ESP) RAK / 10C 006-061.085519
      release : 1978