Chris Spedding

I'm Not Like Everybody Else

vinyl albumCD album
    / SRAK 542
G) / Repertoire
    REP 4946

original release : Nov.1980

       track listing
I'm Not Like Everybody Else Musical Press 
Box Number Contract 
I Got A Feeling Counterfeit 
The Crying Game A Shot Rhythm'n'Blues 
Depravitie Mama Coca 

Chris Spedding :vocals / guitars / Farfisa organ
Paul Westwood :bass
Dave Mattacks :drums
Chris Mercer :sax
Phil Lanzon :piano
Chris Green :celi
Pete Willison :celi
Richard Gower :backing vocals
Phil Fursdon :backing vocals
Pete Miller :backing vocals

produced by :Mickie Most

recording data
in Sept.1980


The Crying Game / Counterfeit
    UK) RAK / RAK 323
      release : 1980

I'm Not Like Everybody Else
  / Contract
    UK) RAK / RAK 326
      release : 1981