at Bleach on Feb.9 2017

not confirmed
  1. The Shadow Knows
  2. World Park Junkies
  3. Can't Get The Devil
  4. The Complete History Of Soul Music
  5. All Along The Watch Tower
  6. Sophiscation
  7. Perfect Days
  8. Cocaine Blues
  9. Killer On The New Tube
10. Snakes And Swallowtails
11. One Last Thrill
12. Ya Ya Pop
----- encore -----
13. Music Breakout

Steve Parsons - vocals / guitars
Chris Spedding - guitars
Nick Judd - keyboards / backing vocals
Tosh Ogawa - bass / backing vocals
Paul Cook - drums / backing vocals

I am very sorry... I filmed this superb gig but I left my baggage contains DV mini tapes, SD cards, video cameras, IC recorders, etc on the train. I realized it when I checked in at the Gatwick AP...
The railway company told me that it was found out and kept at the lost property office. Now I'm arranging to send it to my place...