Chris Youlden
      Nowhere Road
vinyl albumCD album
UK) Deram
    / SML 1099
US) London
    / XPS 633
UK) Heavy Feather
    / HF 9519
released in 1973

track listing
Nowhere RoadStanding on the Corner
One October DayIn the Wood
Chink of SanityWake up Neighbour
Crying in the RoadStreet Sounds
Mamma Don't You Talk So LoudTime Will Tell
Pick up My Dogs

Chris Youlden :vocals
Chris Spedding :guitars
Danny Kirwan :guitars
Roy Babbington :bass
Bruce Rowland :drums
Mike McNaught :piano
    produced by :Barry Murray

recording data
in 1972

Nowhere Road / Standing on the Corner
    UK) Deram / DM 377
    released in March 1973