produced by Barry Murray
A British music producer Barry Murray hired Chris Spedding on a Chris Youlden's album.
CS must have been hired on other sessions by BM. But the musician credits were sometimes omitted in those days. Some records he produced are listed up below and I added my opinion. Let me know your idea.

artist / group title year label / cat #
Joe Reed 45 Ain't That a Shame / Follow Me 1971 Dawn / DNS.1012 CS could be on.
Jackie McAuley 45 Rocking Shoes / One Fine Day 1972 Dawn / DNS.1020 CS could be on.
John George 45 I Just Can't Help Myself / Goodbye 1971 PYE / 7N.45031 CS is NOT on.
Chrissy Roberts 45 You Really Gotta Hold on Me / Something Good 1971 PYE / 7N.45102 CS is NOT on.
Bronx Cheer 45 Hold On to Me / Late Date 1972 Dawn / DNS.1019 CS is NOT on.