Mark Wirtz
musician / producer / songwriter
vocals / keyboards / guitars
3rd Sept. 1943 - 7th Aug. 2020

      sessions with Spedding
solo album Balloon

solo single My Daddies Is A Baddies (not confirmed)
Caroline (not confirmed)

as a producer Philwit & Pegasus
Kris Ife
Roger James
Samantha Jones
Krimson Kake
The Matchmakers
The Guards
Cellophane Mop
Happy Confusion
Fickle Finger
Astronaut Alan & The Planets
Cab Drivers

compilation The Fantastic Story of Mark Wirtz and the Teenage Opera

links Mark Wirtz (official website)

message from Mark Wirtz
Chris Spedding (unfortunately mis-spelled in the PH&P credits) was my first-call guitarist and regular team member on virtually all of my recording sessions from 1968, my last year at EMI, until 1972, when I recorded "Balloon" as my final UK production.

Chris was not only a fantastic player and brilliant musician, comfortable with any style of music, but utterly reliable and wonderful to work with - always calm and helpful, even during difficult sessions or crises. Without a doubt, his enthusiastic attitude and creative contributions not only enriched my productions, but gave them a shine they would otherwise not have been graced by.

written for in Oct. 2003