Roger James
(not confirmed)
    Riding Free

vinyl albumCD album
UK) Chapter One
    / CHS 807
UK) Chapter One
    / 80105276

released in 1973

track listing
It Took Someone Like You (*)High Into the Sky (*)
If You Say So (*)The Return (*)
I'm Sure That I'm Sure (*)The Reason Why (*)
Raindrops (*)Sunshine (*)
The End / Something Wonderful (*)Riding Free

Roger James :vocals
Chris Spedding :guitars
    (*) produced by :Mark Wirtz

recording data
in 1970


The Return (*)/ Lauretta (*)
    UK) Chapter One / CH149
    releasd on 11th June 1971

Gold / Something Wonderful (*)
    UK) Chapter One / CH165
    released on Mar. 1972

Riding Free / Whistling Jack (*)
    UK) Chapter One / SCH181
    released on Mar. 1973