Stephen W. Parsons
Steve Parsons / Snips
musician / songwriter
/ music producer
solo artist / Sharks / King Mob
vocals / guitars
19th June 1951 -

   sessions with Spedding
solo album La Rocca
Sharks First Water
Jab It in Your Eyes
Car Crash Tapesd
Free - Songs of Yesterday incl. Sharks two alternative takes
Like a Black Van Parked on a Dark Curve...
Killer of the Deep
Ready Set Go
King Mob Force 9
The Prsence LDN Ya Ya Pop EP
Soul/Rock (Live)
film soundtracks Recruits
Piano Player
Arthur's Dyke
The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie
Fat Friends Series Three

  other recommendations but without Spedding
solo album Video King
Baker Gurvitz Army Elysian Encounter
Hearts on Fire
film soundtracks Nine Miles Down
Journal of a Contract Killer
Conspiracy of Silence
Phoenix Blue
Howling III