Jeff Wayne
music producer
/ songwriter / conductor
The War of the Worlds
1st July 1943 -

      sessions with Spedding
The War of the Worlds The War Of The World
Collector's Edition (6-CD and 1-DVD)
The New Generation

TWOTW Live album Alive On Stage recorded in London 2009
Alive On Stage recorded in Bournemouth 2009
Alive On Stage recorded in Brighton 2009

TWOTW Live DVD Live on Stage!
The New Generation - Alive from the O2

Justin Hayward Forever Autumn (TOTP 1978)

TWOTW review/photo in Nottingham on 20th Apr. 2006
in Glasgow on 22nd Apr. 2006
in Manchester on 23rd Apr. 2006
in London on 25th Apr. 2006
in Birmingham on 7th Dec. 2007
in Newcastle on 8th Dec. 2007
in Manchester on 9th Dec. 2007
in Brighton on 27th June 2009
in Brighton on 28th June 2009
in Amsterdam on 24th Nov. 2010
in Amsterdam on 25th Nov. 2010
in Birmingham on 7th Dec. 2012
in Manchester on 8th Dec. 2012
in Sheffield on 9th Dec. 2012
in Liverpool on 28th Nov. 2014
in Glasgow on 29th Nov. 2014
in Manchester on 30th Nov. 2014
in London on 22nd Apr. 2016
in London on 23rd Apr. 2016
in Nottingham on 7th Dec. 2018
in Birmingham on 8th Dec. 2018

as a producer 45 / Jane Relf - Gone Fishing
LP / Vigrass & Osborne - Queues
45 / Vigrass & Osborne - Remember Pearl Harbour
45 / Vigrass & Osborne - Take It Away
LP / David Essex - selftitled
LP / David Essex - All the Fan of the Fair
45 / Tony Christie - Easy To Love
LP / Marianne Segal - Gypsy Girl
45 / Billy Lawrie - Now My World Is Yours (not confirmed)
45 / Herbie Flowers - Don't Take My Bass Away (not confirmed)

X 45 / Jeff Wayne - Get Movin' (Spedding is not on)
X 45 / Vigrass & Osbourne - Gypsy Woman (Spedding is not on)
X 45 / David Essex - Ooh, Love (Spedding is not on)

jingle 45 / Chesterfield - Chesterfield Theme (not confirmed)
45 / Angela (not confirmed)
45 / Hollick & Taylor - 45 Bittermen Theme (not confirmed)
45 / Pepsi (not confirmed)
45 / Fabergé - Fabergé For The Love Of Life (not confirmed)
45 / US - You're Ok With US (not confirmed)
45 / The Unity (not confirmed)
45 / Pledge (not confirmed)
45 / Father William - Get Moving (not confirmed)
45 / Associated Weavers TV advertising (not confirmed)

X 45 / Castrol - Keeps The Pressure Up (Spedding is not on)
X 45 / ESSO - The Great Blue Singer (Spedding is not on)
X 45 / Gordon's Gin - The Gordon's Gin Theme (Spedding is not on)

film soundtracks TheAnatomy of a Pin-Up (not confirmed)
The Knowledge (not confirmed)

links The War of the Worlds (official website)

               Spedding recalls
I've heard Jeff Wayne doing lots of TV commercials, jingles,
as we call them before I worked with him with David Essex,
and he's a very, very original arranger, his concept of sound is
- he's the first person I've worked
with who worked with a synthesizer.
And in those days, you couldn't program synthesizers, you had to
adjust every day and every day the sound would be different,
because the electronics would change with the tempertures and stuff,
and you couldn't get a preset where you'd get the same sound day after day.
It would use incredible patience and also could only do one tone
at a time. So if you wanted a harmony part, you would have to do it twice.
So he used to work with very original, primitive synthesizers in the mid 1970's, and he was a pioneer of that - also lots of strange effects.
I remember once he had Ray Cooper lowering a gong into a tank of water
just to get an effect, and of course he recorded live on the tracks
when we were doing the rhythm section.
And he is full of interesting ideas and his arrangements in the records
he made with David Essex are really great to my ears.