Spedding In The Musical Papers

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August 30 Melody Maker "No time for the jazz/rock experiments" by Richard Williams
April 28 Sounds"The Sharks - In The Talk In" by Martin Hayman
May 25 New Musical Express "America is giving the Sharks their teeth" by Steve Clarke
September 21 Melody Maker "Chris Spedding happily settles with Sharks" by Geoff Brown
January 25 Melody Maker"Spedding to a goal" by Chris Welch
April 26 Sounds "Spedding has other plans like conquering the world with hit single" by Mike Flood Page
June 20 New Musical Express"Spedding Confesses - I went on Top of the Pops in a Womble suit" by Pete Erskine
July 19 Melody Maker "Bike Boy - Spedding has decided it's time he got a little chart action on his own" by Allan Jones
September 20 Sounds"SPEEDING SPEDDING" by John Ingham
May 8 New Musical Express"My Dream - by a 13 years old old session player" by Phil McNeill
January 1 National RockStar "Spedding can stand on his own feet" by Patrick MacLachlan
December 16 Melody Maker"THE MAVERICK KING - I'm a sort of Leonardo da Vinci of the rock business" by Allan Jones In desperation part 1
March 24 New Musical Express"Edmands say man who don't play long guitar solos miss out on big money ..." by Bob Edmands
April 21 Sounds"Against Consumerism - Spedding makes a stand for the natural things in life" by Tony Mitchell
March 15 Melody Maker"Repeat when Necessary" by Mary Harron